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1. Download and Install Required Files

  • Download and Extract ZIP file into your Visual Studio 2010 project folder.
  • Locate required database files in Database folder and extract them to your database folder.
  • Attach database to SQL Server

2. Facebook Application Setup

  • Create Facebook account, if not done so.
  • Set up the Facebook Application
  • Facebook Application Setup Instruction:
  • Sample Facebook Settings for Localhost Environment
    • Canvas URL: http://localhost:[port number]/SimpuerFBStarterKit_Soln/
    • Secure Canvas URL: http://localhost:[port number]/SimpuerFBStarterKit_Soln/
    • Canvas Page:[application name]
    • Canvas Type: iFrame
    • Canvas Size: Auto-resize
    • Add following Facebook Application to your app: Events, Photo

3. Configure web.config

  • Update following web.config elements accordingly:
    • <log4net>
    • <facebookSettings>
    • <appSettings>
    • <connectionStrings>
    • <mailSettings>

Enable Twitter’s Tweet Feature

Recommended Enhancements:

  • Search Functionality
  • Board Member Management (Admin Module)
  • Ability to add new members without Facebook Accounts
  • Etc…

Have fun and feel free to post any questions and issues.

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